We choose the best organic seeds from top suppliers

We order only from certified seed companies and, when available, we buy organic seeds.

Seeds are sown every week in biodegradable coco coir plugs

Seeds are germinated in the dark (usually 3-7 days), and then the trays are placed in a trough with aquaponics water from our nursery tank.

After 2-3 weeks they are transplanted

Once they have grown to 1-2 inches, the seedlings are moved to floating rafts that are part of the aquaponics growing space. Each rack has 3 or four levels, each ranging from 32 to 48 feet long.

Tilapia are raised in four 1,000 gallon tanks

We buy our tilapia from the best breeder in the US, Americulture, located in Southern New Mexico. After tweo months in a quarantine tank, they are moved into one of the four large tanks. Once they reach approximately 2 lbs in weight, they are harvested and sold whole to local restaurants.

Waste Solids are removed from the water

Solids in the water are collected and removed by a sophisticated rotating drum filter. They are placed in a large tank with aeration for about 1 month. Naturally occurring bacteria digest the organic material releasing nutrients that we collect and return to  the circulating aquaponics system to nurture the plants.

Ammonia excreted by the fish is converted by bacteria

Fish release dissolved ammonia into the fish tank water from their gills and their urine. Naturally occurring "nitrifying" bacteria convert the ammonia into nitrites, and then nitrates. This the main fertilizer that the plants need for growth. Our aquaponics system runs as a closed loop. Fish feed the plants, plants clean the water for the fish.

The Aquaponics Process

A schematic of a typical aquaponics "closed loop" system.

Fish are fed a high protein food designed to contain most of the essential nutrients need by plants. Water the fish tank is pumped through a solids filter to remove uneaten food and fish waste. The water full of ammonia is pumped to a "biofilter" where naturally occurring convert the ammonia in nitrate plant fertilizer. The water passes on to troughs where the plants float in rafts, the roots are immersed in the nutrient rich water where they grow until ready to be harvested. The water circulating through the growing troughs is cleaned by the plants and it circulates back to the fish tanks.